Spring is Here

Flowering Cherry Tree

What a difference a day makes!  These pink flowering cherry trees looked like this yesterday:

Pink Cherry Tree

The flowers were just starting to open up.  Today they are in full bloom and the white weeping cherry tree is beginning to bloom.

Pink cherry tree

White weeping cherry tree

Pink cherry blossoms

White weeping cherry tree

Pink cherry tree

Pink cherry blossoms

So lovely.  When I walked up to these trees today, each tree sounded like the entire thing was buzzing and I realized it was honeybees, wild and drunk on the nectar.  I didn't bother them, they didn't bother me.

Also happening in the yard and garden, hydrangea shoots:

Hydrangea shoots

Does anyone know what this plant is?

Mystery plant

It's getting ready to blossom:

Mystery plant blossom

Hostas are showing up.



Daisies in the wildflower patch:


I need to do something with the wildflower patch.  It was out of control last year.  The daisies reseed like crazy so I have all these little baby daisies popping up.

Baby daisies

I never knew what this pretty plant was called until Farmgirl Susan posted about it on her garden blog this week.  Meet "Autumn Sedum Joy."

Autumn Sedum Joy

It will produce long flower stalks later in the summer but I think the little green rose-like foliage is the prettiest part of the plant.  I have about five bunches of this plant along the side of the back part of our yard.  A couple of years ago I happened to be outside when our next door neighbors were thinning their perennials.  Martha, who is primarily a Spanish speaker, kept handing me plants over the fence, saying simply, "here."  She gave me one clump and told me to divide it up so I split it into five and it has done beautifully with absolutely zero attention from me.  That same year, Martha handed me a little sprig with a root and said, "herb."  This oregano is tough stuff.


I found an odd little spot for it and it has thrived and come back every year with no winter protection.  Because I've never been much of a cook, I've never been really sure what to do with herbs.  Now that I'm learning a bit more about cooking, I plan on actually using the oregano this year and drying some as well.

The lilac bushes are starting to show leaves and buds.


Dayliles are going to town.


In the veggie patch, all kinds of things are thriving. 

Veggie patch

Okay, so maybe you have to get really close to see them, but they're there!


Spinach sprouts


Peas continue to unfurl:


Four little peas in a row:

Four little peas in a row

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go sit on my porch and soak in this view:

Springtime front yard

Happy Spring everyone.